U12 Away: Hull 0 – Bradford 18

Stingrays to the fishmongers for a battering!

Mons Meg bowed her head in admiration as Jordan Griffin hurled a torrent of powerful shots into the Stingray defences. With devilish trickery Tom McFadden weaved his magic leaving the opposition floundering and Alex Graham, like the Pied Piper, lead a shoal of unaware rays to open up the net.

12:30 start on a wet and windy day.

Period 1
• Brilliant trade mark slop shot from Griffin secures first goal for Bradford: 1-0
• Great work from McFadden in defense to set up Roberts for the 2nd: 2-0
• Wright scored her first goal of the season at a manic goal net: 3-0
• Graham secures the 4th: 4-0
• Graham secures the 5th: 5-0
Period 2
• Griffin sent off for high sticks
• Brilliant charge back from McFadden to stop breakout and clear run to our net
• Shorthanded, Graham scores yet another: 6-0
• McFadden scores the 7th during powerplay: 7-0
• Snipers goal from Graham: 8-0
• Graham whips through the defense: 9-0
Period 3
• McFadden scores the 10th: 10-0
• McFadden scores a stunning solo effort: 11-0
• Graham deeks keeper: 12-0
• Griffin slapshot injures keeper but gets number 13: 13-0
• Another McFadden spectacular: 14-0
• Graham scores yet again: 15-0
• Very tidy footwork from McFadden who runs the puck through to Graham for the shot: 16-0
• Fleming gets great, well placed, goal on the net: 17-0
• Graham pumps in yet another: 18-0

MVP: Lutwyche for a solid performance in D