U16 Away: Nottingham 6 – Bradford 3

The Bulldogs were back in action on Sunday against the Nottingham Cougars.
The first period was a tightly fought affair with the Bulldogs constantly putting the Nottingham team under pressure, the work rate from the Bulldogs was absolutely fantastic considering the majority of players had played an under 18’s game the day before. The period ended 1-1 with Kieran Brown scoring for Bradford.
The second period continued as the first, with both teams passing the puck. The Cougars picked up the pace and went close on a number of occasions but Bradford were always looking dangerous on the break. The game was none stop and end to end but Bulldogs were finding hard to keep the intensity of their play at such a high level. Nottingham made the most of their chances whereas Bradford kept finding a post as the last line of defence. The period finally ended with the Cougars leading the game 5-1.
The third period started with the Bulldogs finding an unbelievable amount of fight and desire, coming out of the blocks hard and fast and dominating the puck but they just couldn’t find that much needed early goal. The Bulldogs were always looking dangerous and after some fantastic player Kieran Brown found that much deserved second goal, both teams were fighting for the puck and both net minders were kept busy. Then late in the game a fantastic pass from defence man Lewis Baldwin found Kieran Brown in centre ice and the little maestro skated through one on one with the net minder and finished in style. The Bulldogs went down 6-3 but the effort and desire from the Bulldogs was outstanding. This was an exciting game of hockey played between two teams playing hard but fair. Well done to Bradford and Nottingham for putting on a fabulous show.
Bradford’s Man of the Match – Kieran Brown