U18 Nottingham B Home

Our first home game on 28th September against Nottingham B was an eventful one, firstly after only five minutes, a check from behind saw Josh Birtwistle see the red mist, and after a ‘handbags’ scuffle he left the ice for the remainder of the game. This was followed by where James Royds thought he would contest his mighty strength and check the boards, he won, the hinge didn’t and we had a few cautious moments whilst the gate was repaired. A further delay where the Nottingham net minder was unsure she could continue after a blade hit her cage. She seemed to recover after her parent comforted her On Ice! Followed by a rather brutal battle where we lost Liam Kirton for the next two games, a real shame after he had scored two great goals earlier on in the game.  It was a very long three hour game and eventful game, I bet the referees thought it would never end, but it was well in Bradford’s favour giving us a comfortable 12 – 0 win. Well done Team. Goals went to Adam B (3); James R (3); Liam (2); Ryan K (2) Connor P (1) Lewis B (1). MVP went to James Royds.

It’s great to see an U18 team once again at Bradford, it is quite a small team, but backed by some talented U16s giving us the strength needed. Good Luck guys and gals – woof woof !!!!