U13 Away: Manchester 0 – Bradford 28

Bradford Bulldogs U13s played their first away game against Manchester in
their new identity as the Trafford Tornadoes on 03/10.  The Bulldogs opened
the scoring after just 13 seconds and went two up just over a minute later
in what was to prove a long afternoon for Trafford.  From the start,
Bradford dominated their opponents and led 8-0 after the first period and
17-0 after the second with the final score being 28-0.  The Bulldogs
completely overwhelmed the home side with some remarkable hockey skills
demonstrated by all members of the team.  They also managed to keep a clean
sheet with penalties, not receiving a single one throughout the entire
Trafford, to their credit, did not let the score deter them at any point
and continued to try hard right to the end.  They also kept their
discipline, unlike some other teams who have been on the receiving end of
similar scores against Bradford in the past and as a result took very few
penalties in what was an exceptionally clean match.
Bradford quite frankly played some awesome hockey and the passing, skill
and determination shown by all the lines was  great to see.  Although
defeated, Trafford can be very proud in the way they handled themselves in
what must have been a difficult game for the home side.  It’s fair to say
both teams were a credit to their respective clubs on the day.